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Medium - a new blogging platform

by Charles Wyke-Smith

Recently, I signed up at Medium, the blogging platform, and can't resist visiting at least a couple of times a day - it's a very addictive experience! Articles come from numerous authors but display in one continuous feed, so it's a different model from the typical blog site that is the voice of a single person.

The quality of the writing is generally very high, and I'm always amazed by how many of the articles are of interest to me. It's in part because Medium lets you pick the categories of the articles in your feed when you sign up, but also because it just seems to attract people with something to say and the skill to say it well.

The mobile experience is particularly good. It's your typical scrolling endless page, and each article just displays the first fifty words or so. Tapping anywhere on it slides in the full article, which also scrolls, and it's just one tap to return to where you left off in the main stream. The user experience is simple, intuitive and doesn't get in the way of the reading experience.

As a reader, you can select an excerpt from an article, and add a comment. Also, that little + (plus) sign is always right there, so that when inspiration strikes in mid-read, you can publish an article of your own.

If you work with content, take a look and see for yourself how its simple but very considered design creates great UX. But be warned, once you have that little green M icon on your phone, it's probably going to soak up quite a bit of your time on a daily basis - I did mention it's addictive, right?

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