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My books are written for designers and programmers who want to create attractive and functional user interfaces. Maybe you have designed a Web site using graphic programs like Photoshop or Fireworks, and want to turn those ideas into Web pages. Maybe you are an experienced programmer who wants to know more about designing the front end, and want some insights into front-end coding and design. I always try to balance making concepts easy to understand with teaching practical skills that can be used in professional Web development.

If you want to build your skills using my books, I recommend you start with Stylin’ with CSS to understand the fundamentals of creating Web pages with HTML and CSS, and then read Codin’ for the Web to master the basics of the back-end so you can connect your pages with server logic and databases. Next, read Scriptin’ with JavaScript and Ajax, which will teach you how use JavScript and jQuery to create interactivity in your interfaces, and use Ajax techniques to pass data between the page and the server without page refreshes for application-like performance. Finally, my new eBook, Visual Stylin’ with CSS3, is aimed at experienced CSS users who want to learn the latest design techniques that CSS3 has made possible.

I am always working on ideas for new books, and if you would like to suggest a topic, please drop me a line using the contact form. I also welcome your feedback and comments and encourage you to read my blog and post comments. Thanks for your interest in my books!