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Codin’ for the Web

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Codin’ for the Web is for designers and developers who may be new to back-end (server-side) programming, but have some experience with HTML and CSS, and want to learn how to build interactive Web sites using PHP and the mySQL database. Using the techniques in Codin’, you will:

  • Create dynamic Web sites that provide real time responses to user inputs
  • Understand the basic structures of all coding languages, such as variables, functions, conditionals, loops and objects
  • Use the power of PHP to program the business rules of your site
  • Learn techniques for validating forms to reject erroneous or malicious data
  • Import and export data from other applications via flat files
  • Develop a password-protected members-only area of your Web site
  • Build and query database tables using SQL to manage the data generated by your site’s activity
  • Develop a simple content management system
  • Build a template-based Web site with dynamic navigation