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Scriptin’ with JavaScript and Ajax

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JavaScript is the only progamming language that runs in the browser and enables you to create sophisticated interactions for your users. Ajax, a JavaScript based technique that enables the browser to request data from the Web server and update the page with reloading it, allows you to turn a Web site into an online application. Scriptin’ with JavaScript and Ajax¬†takes you from the basics of the JavaScript language to intermediate-level coding techniques, so you can:

  • Start developing with JavaScript fast
  • Learn how to dynamically change the markup of the document based on user action
  • Create a variety of user interface components such as accordions and drag-and-drop lists
  • Write lightweight, but powerful, object-oriented code
  • “Progressively enhance” your site so it’s accessible to all users
  • Create sophisticated interactions, such as auto-complete and carousels
  • Work with Ajax frameworks, such as jQuery, YUI, Prototype and Spry
  • Integrate JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and middleware, such as PHP
  • Adapt the downloadable¬†Scriptin’¬†example code for use in your projects